Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source

digiKam 7.2.0 is released

by digiKam Team

Dear digiKam fans and users,

After more than one year of development, the digiKam team is proud to present version 7.2.0 of its open source digital photo manager.

Here is the list of more than 360 bug-fixes ordered by categories coming with this release:

Advanced Rename

The tool to batch rename items in collections has received plenty of code review to fix older dysfunctions. This has improved stability and usability.

  • 091161 Batch processing - rename problems
  • 109517 Photo Tag’s & Comment’s are lost when ablum’s are rearranged or renamed.
  • 135374 rename image files: add the possibility of “Find and replace”
  • 211426 Rename collision dialog notifies that files aren’t on local computer
  • 237805 File rename using metadata fails when using file conversion tool in Batch queue manager
  • 244559 Crash when renaming files in batch process
  • 249148 digiKam crashed when rename files
  • 251768 digiKam custom file renaming options are ignored when importing from camera
  • 252557 Batch rename files caused crashed
  • 255830 Crash while renaming files using German Umlauts
  • 256314 Crash when renaming jpegs
  • 257099 Crash when leaving Rename dialog if several files selected
  • 257677 Crash when I renane files
  • 257788 Renaming multiple files crashes
  • 258045 digiKam crashes, related with the rename of several photographs
  • 264019 crash by multi rename
  • 267211 digiKam crashes after batch renaming more than two files
  • 318363 Bad performance of file renames (thumbnail recreation?)
  • 336307 Photos from Samsung S2 disappear after rename
  • 414081 Renaming not working as expected in digiKam 6.4
  • 420691 digiKam stopped responding and required new setup
  • 426733 Renaming with tags in subtree fails
  • 429664 Windows file rename change case only fails badly
  • 430684 Renaming mp4 files - metadata fields have no values
  • 433060 inconsistency between metadata displayed and metadata taken in account to rename


Albums management have been improved with database fixes to support better items grouping with special use cases. Filtering engine have been fixed to speed-up user queries and with a better support of wildcard.

Albums management introduce also better homogeneous in views about items properties. We also improve the removable media support with this release.

  • 104009 photo stays in album when moved to another album
  • 114189 add an option where i can set the “picture create permissions”
  • 216412 Show warning message before album deletion when directories containing files which are not shown by digiKam
  • 246174 digiKam dies when “doing file -> new”
  • 247090 “New” problem
  • 432732 Wish: Support wildcards in text filter.
  • 388899 Assigning color labels from right side menu is different than over context menu
  • 428427 Some metadata (tags, captions) not applying to grouped images
  • 428924 Group of MP4 files that have disappeared from digiKam. Database problem?
  • 430179 Thumbnails sort order
  • 434017 Gone are the metadata embedded in the jpg file of some photos.
  • 426186 Lots of error messages from ItemAlbumModel
  • 428723 Wish - ‘copy to’ function with right click on thumbnail
  • 433172 Files do not disappear if cut
  • 433331 Display Thumbnails greater than 9080 missing with removable disk Off line (Ok On Line)
  • 426422 digiKam won’t work
  • 427067 Albums doesn’t show thumbnails; timeline only shows 1 folder
  • 427173 When clicking on the parent folder that has multiple subfolder with the images, nothing is shown.
  • 375062 digiKam does not remember sort direction in Date-View
  • 396086 Changing elements order takes near 5 minutes in a folder with 50 images
  • 426575 The album shows the contents of sub folders before the main folders
  • 428578 The filename extension is used for sorting the filename
  • 428638 7.2.0 beta1: sorting of images in thumbnail view - german environment and UI
  • 428435 Duration Column not showing any value
  • 434275 Row height determined by number of tags even if they are not visible
  • 132691 Pressing the Supr button should display a warning message to prevent to delete photos
  • 197449 digiKam crashes after deleting a bunch of images
  • 199096 Deleting files in a folder being viewed by digiKam seemed to crash it
  • 208635 Next picture after delete
  • 246488 digiKam crashes if i click on a deleted file
  • 282510 digiKam crashed when changing selection while images are being deleted
  • 286065 digiKam crash when I delete a photograph
  • 430103 move gallery trash
  • 431658 digiKam git trash issue
  • 416470 Suggestion: Make Album TreeView more explorer like
  • 427863 Dragging a folder onto albums tree view sidebar will import with name of parent folder
  • 429827 Clarify parent when creating new album (UI shows a mismatch)

Batch Queue Manager

Tool to batch items in queues comes with few improvements and fixes, especially when removable items are remaned while processing.

  • 430818 In Batch Queue Manager, the “Run” command, execute always the first queue.
  • 430876 Rename images without changing any properties
  • 431660 BQM stores output files one directory level above actual target
  • 432619 Batch Queue Manager does not use original album as target
  • 434716 Serious Problems while rotating multiple Images with Synch Services (QMAP, Synology, etc.)
  • 372487 BQM says there are unprocessed items even though it completed successfully and all images were processed
  • 424437 Batch deleting duplicates

Bundles for Linux, MacOS, and Windows

Binary bundles are very important to provide a ready to use application on main supported plate-forms.

MacOS supports is now fully compliant with Apple rules, as bundles is completely relocatable with this release. Apple BigSur is now fully supported but not yet Apple Silicon architecture. Application work fine in Apple Rosetta 2 emulator. We plan to provide an universal package for MacOS later 7.4.0 release, as we needs new hardware to test the port to the new Apple ARM architecture.

All bundles introduce a new tool to check online releases, following stable or development workflows. An automatic download and installation are proposed to simplify users life. A release notes viewer is proposed to list last changes provided by new versions.

All bundles uses KF5 framework version 5.78 and OpenCV version 4.4. They are re-compiled automatically every days on the evening with the last changes done by developers for testing purpose. Of course this pre-release version must be installed with caution and not be used in production.

  • 417088 AppImage with QWebEngine does not start
  • 420257 Empty secondary window sometimes appear when using digiKam
  • 424617 The digiKam appimage crashes on starting
  • 424664 digiKam 7.0 crash when opening geolocation tool
  • 426912 digiKam-7.1.0-x86-64.appimage fails to start on CentOS 8
  • 427533 Appimage fails to launch
  • 432074 digiKam’s appimage failed to launch on ArchLinux
  • 426356 Poor video performance in Flatpak images
  • 415617 Color management profile path uses previous appimage mount point
  • 422138 Select other Languages is out
  • 426860 digiKam not entirely behaving as app on macos
  • 426997 Automatic upgrading
  • 429103 digiKam 7.1.0 does not start up, when using macos big sur
  • 431003 Running status of digiKam not reflected in MacOS task bar
  • 433753 hang / crash when program is loading
  • 433997 digiKam does not open
  • 406591 Error in SDL2.dll
  • 413884 digiKam does not remember last window position and size on startup
  • 426331 The file digiKam.exe contains no icons
  • 426333 Icons Not Set for digiKam and Showfoto
  • 426717 digiKam.exe & showfoto.exe: no application-specific icons shown on Windows 10 after upgrade to 7.1.0
  • 430761 Windows digiKam.exe application icon missing
  • 431102 Windows install does not have an icon for digiKam
  • 431598 digiKam 7.2.0-rc (14.01.2021) crashes while getting “Help > List of Detected Hardware”
  • 431808 Program icon not visible


The database is the main application component which is used by all photo management features, as search tools, metadata engine, face engines, similairies tool, etc. We improve stability and speed of scan collection stages at startup, the Plasma/Baloo supports, and the maintenance operations.

The database scheme have been upgraded to a new version with a change of internal tags-tree representation, migrated from VIEW to TABLE type, including triggers for better performance.

We recommend to backup your database files before to upgrate on this new release, else you will not able to go back to previous application version. The Mysql/Mariadb support have been also fixed for the better supports of NAS servers.

  • 430189 Can’t login because I have no rights to access the Database
  • 430664 How to access a database and files from another computer in LAN
  • 430985 New beta release doesn´t start
  • 432531 After running DB maintenance digiKam won’t start can’t connect to DB then crashes
  • 433653 Please Add xattr support for metadata
  • 433822 digiKam doesn’t read extended (xattr) attributes
  • 433984 digiKam does not save tags as hierarchical tags in Extended Attributes
  • 434060 digiKam doesn’t drop deleted tags from Extended Attributes
  • 430762 Change icon size for people keywords
  • 426218 Pictures from old collection still in database after removing it
  • 431013 Not all databases will be saved when using the –database-directory option
  • 344800 SQLITE : when moving an album to another location tags are lost (NFS storage)
  • 433183 Migrate from “MySQL Server” database corrupts face/people metadata.
  • 401941 Beta3 / beta2 launches but hangs… Now fear for DB!
  • 427079 Error “internal server is not used and is not active”
  • 430949 digiKam-7.2.0-beta2 (macOS (DMG)) breaks existing local MySQL/MariaDB instances on upgrade
  • 432522 digiKam 7.2.0-b2 on macOS 11 with remote mysql - failed to update DB schema
  • 426480 Remove unused lenses from database
  • 429551 Many Tags Stored in Photos are not Inserted into digiKam’s tag list When Photos are Read.
  • 430134 Face tags lost and captions mis-transferred after digiKam automatically renames a conflicting filename
  • 430922 crashes without notification
  • 431095 Make “scan for new items” collection sensitive
  • 433350 ‘reread metadata from file’ don’t clean up ImageProperties table if the related fields don’t exist anymore in the file
  • 428472 digiKam doesn’t come up as it can’t update db schema from 9 to 10
  • 430451 Building Fingerprint abruptly stops
  • 434714 digiKam-7.2.0-20210320T221224 breaks digiKam launch on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave
  • 431951 UI lockup for upwards of 15 seconds while just scrolling album views and selecting images
  • 293692 digiKam Crash

Faces Detection, Faces Recognition, and Faces Workflow

The neural network to process face detection have been a huge effort with this release.

We use a new data model named Yolo. More faces on same images can be detected with complex shot conditions. The processing speed have been reduced and the older bugs about the wrong memory allocation definitively fixed. The algorithm to detect red eyes gain to use Yolo data model from face engine. Red eyes detection is now better especially when eyes are not tainted in pure red.

To optimize application size, as face data models are huge files, they have been removed from application and are downloadable on demand instead. The neural network used to process automatic recognition of faces supports clustering to increase performances with group of faces.

Recognition efficiency is now better than expected, but of course you need to teach a little bit the engine with manual assignments before. Another part where a lots of works have been done is the faces workflow, and especially the graphical interface and widgets. We follow the users feedbacks to simplify experience while using face tags everywhere. We review the ergonomy and add guidance for new users while tagging and manage faces.

  • 397229 Facetags are not well displayed in the facetag list for one person
  • 415559 Standard Face Detection does not work on LowRes pictures
  • 420128 Poor result of face detection (7.0.0. beta2)
  • 420411 digiKam Crash on detect faces 7.0.0 beta3 debug build
  • 421043 Faces Detection crashes digiKam
  • 422735 Segment fault after first ‘scan collection for faces’
  • 423386 Unconfirmed face detections treated as confirmed
  • 423632 Segfault when scanning faces
  • 425063 Detect Faces crashes the App
  • 425096 Crash Unsupported JPEG process: SOF type 0xc8
  • 425230 Crash when scanning for faces
  • 425698 digiKam face detection crash under Linux
  • 425702 digiKam crashes under Linux when detecting faces
  • 425703 digiKam crashes (again) under Linux while detecting faces
  • 425723 digiKam crashes after a while when detecting faces using multiple CPU cores
  • 425972 Scan for face: crash under Windows during Album scan with multicore
  • 426175 Segmentation fault while Faces detection
  • 426236 Crashed when running face detection
  • 426309 Support face detection back ends that require larger data sets
  • 427333 Face detection crashes due to pure virtual method call in LoadingCache
  • 427380 Crashes when running face detection
  • 427907 person name appears in tool tip and also search and also people listing but is shown as unknown in the photo
  • 430250 provide filetype-based filter for running face detection
  • 432312 Detect Faces crashes when .xcf file encountered
  • 432764 Face detection (!) with few results
  • 268191 Allow building without FacesEngine
  • 323253 When face tag scanning, digiKam exhausts all memory on computer.
  • 409146 Name not applied to RegionInfo when the region was added by iOS
  • 418757 Ability to Ignore a face region
  • 425904 digiKam crash while scanning faces
  • 430702 Lost the UI while process is still working.
  • 431081 Exif data is completely lost for some pictures after detect faces / recognize faces
  • 269424 Rebuild all thumbnails misses people (faces) thumbnails
  • 425439 App crashes during the maintenance process with face recognition. stacktrace and log included
  • 432048 XMP People/Face tags with no associated regions are ignored (patch)
  • 184469 red eyes doesn’t work here
  • 261319 digiKam crash at startup with “signal: Illegal instruction” (SIGILL)
  • 293697 Crashes on Remove Red Eyes
  • 384614 digiKam redeye does not work on some images
  • 414653 ranking option in people recognition
  • 415782 Face recognition “favors” people with few images: missing faces clustering
  • 415867 Face recognition -> after manual tagging -> no detection
  • 415878 Sort “Unconfirmed” images by face name / or group them
  • 415895 DNN Face recognition not working well on a picture
  • 416630 Use N nearest neighbor search
  • 421985 Difficult to use face recognition
  • 426185 digiKam starts more slowly than previous versions
  • 426481 Face recognition feels like a regression from 6.4
  • 426888 digiKam crashes shortly after I attempt to start it
  • 429021 Wrong image rotation when extracting face thumbs
  • 429307 Crash with face detection under Windows
  • 430996 Yolo v3 causes application to crash with 32 bits version
  • 431831 How much data gets sent to digiKam.org for face recognition
  • 174683 Crashes when try to correct red eye
  • 279667 Face thumbnails from people tags does not support drag and drop
  • 384396 Display faces sorted by similarity (pre-grouped) instead of album/time/..
  • 384485 Face Regions are deleted when unconfirmed face suggestion is rejected by user
  • 392007 Face tags and regular tags are mixed together and cannot be told apart.
  • 392023 Add “Ignored” group of faces
  • 392024 Feature request: group similar faces in “Unknown” faces
  • 398376 UI problems making face management very hard
  • 409788 Sort-by/group by detected person (in Unconfirmed-View)
  • 415565 Show face as icon for each person in the People panel.
  • 415604 Allow changing a face tag from a person to another
  • 415786 option to ignore group of images from face detection
  • 417390 In “unconfirmed” and “unknown” can be grouped by similar faces
  • 417399 Wishlist: button to hide confirmed faces for a person
  • 419047 Closing Face Tag Delete Dialog Box still ends up deleting face tag
  • 423114 Deleted Faces don’t re-appear in Face Scan with “Skip Images already Scanned”
  • 423387 Add Button to instanlty set face tag as Unknown
  • 424691 Thumbnails not showing for face tags (patch)
  • 426332 Confirmed Face Tags Turned To Unconfirmed
  • 426346 People display is garbled.
  • 426659 thumbnails for tagged faces not useful
  • 426699 “Ignored” faces category should not be positioned alphabetically, but on top of the list
  • 429335 digiKam 7.2.0-beta2 (18.11.2020) crashes after assigning name to unknown face
  • 429471 User is prompted to remove face tags from images when image count is zero 0.
  • 429792 Face tag name completion with arrow keys fails
  • 430056 Rotating a photo confirms its unconfirmed face tags
  • 430589 Want to disable face detection extra download on Mac version
  • 430671 Add a Face Tag: default action for Enter key should be the highlighted tag
  • 431150 Thumbs for faces created from .DNG images are not shown
  • 431188 Add a Face Tag: Keyboard navigation to select from autocomplete dropdown doesn’t work
  • 431357 Face attribution doesn’t get the name selected in the contextual menu
  • 431470 Wrong keystroke behavior while editing face tag
  • 432613 Face detection scan all album, not only the selected ones
  • 432760 New items for people entries without seeing the mentioned photos
  • 432957 Some tags appear beneath “People” parent tag in People view/panel


The main improvement with map view is the capability to save GPS information in metadata, with relevant options in setup dialog page. GPX files support have been also consolidated.

  • 427041 Geolocation information not being saved to the metadata
  • 427107 Geolocation data not written in jpeg files in v7.1.0
  • 429362 Please make qtwebengine dependency optional
  • 429783 geolocation information lost on export and no EXIF tags generated in .JPG
  • 293335 GPX file without time stamps reports no datapoints
  • 341510 Imported GPX Files generate an error when GPX-File contains ‘unusual’ tags
  • 431117 Selected GPX File Colour Is Grayed Out When Selected
  • 431119 Move Map To First Point In Selected GPX Track
  • 426884 Geolocation Editor discards changes without warning
  • 426996 Write geolocation to EXIF
  • 427112 Modify the geolocation : Legends of the screen menus incorrect
  • 432066 Preview does not update when changing the photo using the keyboard in geolocation editor

Image Editor, Light Table and Import Tool

Some maintenance entries have been processed with this release about Light Table and Image Editor, as we are mostly busy with the faces engine for this release. But we take time to upgrade internal Raw engine (libraw) to last 0.21.0 with new features:

  • Camera format support:

    • Lossy compressed CR3 files
    • Lossy compressed RAF files
    • Uncompressed floating point DNG files (16-24-32 bit)
    • Deflate compressed striped DNG files
    • XMP and HEIF-preview extraction from CR3 files
  • Camera model support:

    • Apple iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Max Pro
    • Canon EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS 850D, EOS-1D X Mark III (lossy compressed files)
    • FujiFilm X-S10
    • Hasselblad CFV II 50C",
    • Leica M10-R, Q2 Monochrom, S3, SL2-S
    • Nikon Z 5, Z 6 II, Z 7 II
    • Olympus E-M10 Mark IV
    • Panasonic DC-G100 / G110, DC-S5
    • Sony ILCE-7C (A7C), ILCE-7SM3 (A7S III)
    • Zeiss ZX1
    • Plus multiple DNG-recording cameraphones/drones/etc.

Camera import tool gain some improvements with auto-naming albums and renaming items while downloading to computer.

  • 428938 Entire program closes unexpectedly
  • 434446 “Set point” shortcut removed in ImageEditor in digiKam version 6.4.0
  • 427555 Allow selecting single picture, which fills complete screen which can be panned and zoomed
  • 417788 can’t import a video file in an album
  • 427468 Duplicate subalbums on Windows 10 (format YYYY\MM)
  • 424727 “Failed to connect to camera” error with iPhone 6s
  • 425746 No thumbnails when importing photos from camera
  • 428733 import window always keeps last image
  • 431056 Grammatical error in auto-rotate info message
  • 429715 When importing with the rename function, ‘import selected’ does not import files
  • 429625 Under Import, Add images and Add Folders options are not available

Metadata and Tags

Metadata support is another critical component. It link the file information with the database contents. Plenty of bugs have been fixed, and the next Exiv2 0.24 (planed later in spring 2021) is already supported with a full support of Base Media Files (aka HEIF and AVIF images).

Later than 7.4.0 release, we plan to add:

  • Native AVIF container support.
  • Apple Live Photo support.

  • 400941 Crash with segmentation fault when writing a large amount of metadata to images
  • 425404 digiKam crash when making a maintenance
  • 434302 Sub-folders not selected when parent folder is selected
  • 383096 digiKam crash, maintenance related?
  • 418939 Crash in metadata engine when search faces
  • 433852 digiKam.metaengine: Cannot load metadata from file Error # 11: The file contains data of an unknown image type
  • 406723 Tags are not synced
  • 429118 changing the keywords of DNG files do not really change the file - the changes are not saved in the DNG
  • 429261 Malformed characters in EXIF Artist field
  • 430923 EXIF viewer settings not updating EXIF Metadata view
  • 434423 digiKam displaying incorrect lens info in ‘Properties - Photograph Properties’
  • 429055 Storing tags to files does not work
  • 433727 Does not show exif info from Panasonic FZ30 RAW file, inspite on Editor mode it’s ok
  • 434594 copy of jpeg file with empty caption (but caption in sidecar) shows caption
  • 429310 tagging regression with last digiKam git versions
  • 430303 Some XMP Namespaces missing from Configure/Metadata/Views dialog (patch)
  • 431964 Face tags are not read correctly on certain images with more than one Microsoft People Tags XMP metadata
  • 432823 Metadata Panel does not display XMP structs instead displays type=“Bag”
  • 433423 ‘byline’ into xmp panel editor is called ‘creator’ into Advanced Search
  • 144177 In Caption/Tags sidebar, new Tags inherit the image of their parents
  • 433850 Not able to delete any tags
  • 431614 Tags are not written to secondary pictures if grouped by name
  • 432568 Provisional tags are not displayed until another change is made
  • 429787 Delete Unassigned Tags: show list of the unassigned tags before deleting them


Plugins in digiKam exists since the first application version. Plugins are small implementations which extent core application with powerful features. It’s generally the best place for students to propose small improvements without to touch complex implementations.

We receive patches for a lots of tools concerning older files from bugzilla especially with Slideshow and Presentation plugins.

  • 428558 With batch workflow lens correction doesn’t use metadata
  • 430903 Do not enlarge smaller photos
  • 426373 Can’t get Adjust Date & Time to work
  • 424805 digiKam crashes when opening preview of items from a specific album
  • 434299 No entries in Imagemagick Loader when in Appimage
  • 427056 digiKam seg faults building thumbnail from gigabyte PNG
  • 434566 Application crashes C:\Program Files\digiKam\plugins\digiKam\dimg\DImg_QImage_Plugin.dll
  • 426597 stack underflow crash in digiKam::DImg::load()
  • 426635 Healing Clone Tool missing from (Image Editor) Enhance Menu
  • 431162 Change Name of Auto Correction to “Lens Auto-Correction”
  • 431369 Lens search uses only exact match (as I see)
  • 429346 Rotating and cropping: Concentration of the cropping frame on the real image area.
  • 429221 digiKam Editor White Balance Effect Shadows Slider Not Working
  • 429995 Unexpected Media Server listening on *:8200 - Should have been informed / given the option during 1st run setup.
  • 087106 advancedslideshow : option to pause, go back or forward, and quit/resume
  • 095592 slide show fills both screens in dual head setup
  • 114510 In Dates view and Searches view, advancedslideshow does not work when the option “Show all images in current album” is checked.
  • 116611 Add xscreensaver-style panning-zooming crossfade effect
  • 124788 Allow to turn off Presentation tool delay (patch)
  • 125693 User comments should appear in the slideshow.
  • 129375 wish: I don’t want to use timer functionality for slideshow, change to next picture when key/mouse is pressed
  • 183103 Allow to change Presentation tool delay on the fly (patch)
  • 195555 Add a new option to use a constant scrolling speed with Kenburns effect (patch)
  • 376690 Irritating behavior of list when moving images
  • 430986 Setting up Eudora email app
  • 426479 Slideshow: Show lens name in properties overlay
  • 430810 Cannot found Slideshow settings dialog page
  • 339355 for each access to a google service we must have a distinct authorization
  • 431907 Authentication to Google fails with “This browser or app may not be secure.”
  • 432480 Crash when trying to Import from Google Photos
  • 372380 Support for MediaWiki tool ?
  • 430566 Make DK_PLUGIN_PATH allow multiple paths

Setup, Portability, and Code Maintenance

Of course, we take a care about the portability of code everywhere. As digiKam is more than 1.5 millions of C++ code lines, maintaining these implementations can take a while. We are helped in this task by static analyzers to raise code quality to an high level between versions.

The new Clang based Clazy static analyzer is now used to check code. More than 2000 fixes have been applied to fix translations or to add context helper for translators.

CCache support have been add to decrease compilation times.

A new helper dialog is now available to list all devices detected from your computer to check hardware compatibilities with the software.

  • 237010 Remove DATE and TIME from code
  • 427385 digiKam git build fail
  • 431775 Compiling with ccache issue
  • 433264 Patch for missing QPainterPath in qtavcodecs.cpp
  • 430094 Crash when opening configure dialog
  • 433311 New or modified root album folders are always placed into local collections (= Type No 1 in table album roots)
  • 338034 SETUP : Individual databases for each “collection”
  • 429232 digiKam Does not open - Happens also on a fresh Manjaro Linux install with BTRFS as file system.
  • 434112 digiKam-7.2* crashes at first start after install while starting main view

Preview and Thumbnails

Previewing items is an harder task, depending of file formats to support. Remember that more than 1000 different RAW files can be post-processed in digiKam.

In the same way, the complex and modern container HEIF used by recent cellulars is natively supported. We always try to render the items on screen with the best performances, depending of available resources and materials.

  • 159788 picture zoomed in “full screen modus”
  • 170340 embed view does not work; I can not see an image
  • 172730 Preview only, but no photo details shown at all
  • 175326 view photo displays blank image
  • 176699 picture not shown, digiKam, error displaying pictures, just thumbails
  • 193265 The application suddenly crashes when I try to open a preview of a photo
  • 231570 digicam crashes when opening the full size preview with a very large panorama picture
  • 240250 Crash in previewer
  • 251932 digiKam crash
  • 256161 Another crash while navigating/deleting photos quickly
  • 256898 digiKam crashed while browsing Photos
  • 296653 Selecting a range of photos when in preview mode is buggy
  • 300843 just a random crash, just browsing photos
  • 320333 digiKam crashed while changing to the next photo in photo preview view
  • 330645 digiKam crashed whilst advancing from one photo to the next in preview
  • 338164 Crash when switching from camera preview to folder on system
  • 430427 PSD files cannot be viewed. Thumbnails are OK.
  • 434049 faulty logic in “updateZoomAndSize”, zoom level changed after preview image changed [patch]
  • 432789 Imported Pictures (RAW, CR3, Canon M6 Mark II) doesn´t have the rigth Rotation.
  • 430132 Some vertical videos are rotated sideways in preview player
  • 430995 No video preview or thumbnails for any video content
  • 434574 F4 to play video on external VLC player crashes VLC.
  • 426208 Thumbnails constantly refreshing on Mac version
  • 432257 Spinning Pinwheel Scrolling through Thumbnails
  • 373839 Continuously face thumbnails flicker/update
  • 418274 Improve Thumbnail transparency
  • 431070 Filetype .wmf can’t be displayed


The search tools are easy to use helpers to query the database with complex criteria combinations. As usual, we trying to provide the most faster solutions to return the wanted items from your collections.

With this version you can search for empty title, caption, author or creator fields. The advanced search tool add new options to for a month or the day of a month and search tags in tree from your collection.

  • 427899 Search (and Timeline, and …) should offer a way to go to the album of the currently selected image
  • 432428 Quick search by image name in current album
  • 376891 digiKam becomes unusable with many Metatags
  • 424051 Please add search for images without captions
  • 430147 Search and escaping of database wildcard characters in filenames
  • 432494 Advanced search album does not search subfolders nothing
  • 433573 View - Separate Item - By Month : View by month only (not month year)
  • 431748 Feature Request: Search by month/day independent of year
  • 427031 Reverse image search
  • 431400 “Find duplicates” Without Selecting An Album Locks Up Duplicates Feature.
  • 431403 Cannot Drag and Drop When Using Similarity


Application usability issues have been review while this long development stage and we trying to take a care of the most important reports from end-users.

  • 132631 digiKam does not restore main window size
  • 374783 Window location is not restored correctly after restart
  • 390226 never import current collection
  • 390487 Open in File Manager function enhancement
  • 425238 Abnormally large icons
  • 427662 HiDPI Settings Not Working in digiKam 7.1.0
  • 431355 There is no button to add Tag to picture
  • 434103 Window position on startup
  • 377422 Main window got stuck in Full Screen mode - Cinnamon DE
  • 430865 digiKam Full screen restart with top left corner in the middle screen
  • 431366 Translation incomplete, conversion to DE not possible. Language selection is missing.
  • 431721 The string “Filters” needs to be disambiguated between image/search context.
  • 432878 Rendering Intents options cannot be translated in Color Management Configuration page
  • 297291 Allow to quick edit metadata using keyboard shortcuts
  • 380323 Apply ratings with keyboard shortcuts
  • 426862 Keyboard shortcut “delete” not working
  • 429116 System crash under macOS 11 install. Does not load.
  • 429820 Checkboxes should be radio buttons in Tags Matching Condition “OR/AND” chooser
  • 430921 Cannot add Edit Metadata filter to toolbar digiKam 7.1.0
  • 431354 Inconsistent behavior when adding Tags/Keywords
  • 432069 Pls add the map settings also to the menu
  • 434092 disappeared for some time file menu, changes etc.
  • 229043 digiKam dark designs are not redable
  • 292902 After choosing a dark theme the album view still with a white background and unreadable yellow or white font.
  • 431047 Missing icons in the map view
  • 432646 digiKam 7.2.0-rc crashes on startup (beta2 didn’t)

Thanks to all users for your support and donations, and to all contributors, students, testers who allowed us to improve this release.

digiKam 7.2.0 source code tarball, Linux 64 bits AppImage bundles, MacOS Intel package, and Windows 64 bits installers can be downloaded from this repository.

Happy digiKaming.